Home Office Updates - Home Decor Inspiration - Poor Little It Girl

My little corner office in our bedroom has a lot to be desired. We’ve lived here for almost two years and I’ve done nothing to make this space feel inspiring. Probably because I thought we’d only be in this apartment for one year, so I figured what was the point. But now, as we creep up on another year, I’m finally like, come on Cathy. Do something!

But alas, we’re in the process of house hunting (early stages, so who knows when we’ll actually move into a home) so do I update my corner, or wait and work dreaming up plans for my future home office. Because y’all know whatever home we get it is a non-negotiable that I have a real home office. Ya know, the kind you see all these big bloggers have with actual doors and organization. That’s the damn dream.

So today, I wanted to revisit my dreams for the perfect home office with a few more pieces I’ve had my eye on lately. I mean, how fun is that peel and stick removable wallpaper? I love the idea of a fun accent wall in my office. And I 100% need a new desk…my current one is broken and well…crap. And you know that pretty pink chair is just what I need to tie it all together!