The Best Items For Your Kitchen - Housewarming Gift Ideas - Poor Little It Girl

As most of y’all know, last fall Adam and I eloped. And now, almost 10 months later, I have zero regrets about our decision to keep our day small and intimate. It was exactly what we both wanted and fit our personalities perfectly. But I will say, the one this we missed out on that I sometimes get a bit bummed about are the celebration gifts. You know what I mean, like from an engagement party or an official registry. Does that make me a terrible person? That I wish we had received a ton of wedding gifts? Crap. Sorry. I’m a jerk.

I guess the reason that it’s on my mind is that, given that we just bought our first home together, it has come to our attention that we own basically nothing for our kitchen. We have about 30 mismatched glasses and coffee mugs. Our plate collection is minimal and yeah…zero wine glasses. And don’t get me started on our old pots and pans and serving dishes. It’s all either super old or about to break and die. This is where those wedding registry items would have come in handy. See where I’m going with this?

So in a dream world, what do I want for our new kitchen in our new home. Let me tell you: ALL THE THINGS! (You can see my vision over on my Pinterest HOME DECOR board!) I swear since we signed on the dotted line on purchasing this house all I can think about how much I want to cook and clean and just be in our new big kitchen! With nothing to go in it, I’m sharing my dream wish list of housewarming gifts for the kitchen. Am I expecting people to buy me all this junk? Of course not. (But duh, you totally can! LOL) But sometimes curating these posts shows me just what my vision is for the space and gets me even more excited. Kind of like how I did that with my future home office. Now, all we gotta do is move in…let’s do this!