How Blogging Has Changed My Life - Poor Little It Girl

Typically on Fridays, as most avid Poor Little It Girl readers know, I do a shopping roundup. A trend or style I’m loving and I link out to all the places to shop. I love creating these posts, and I think it’s safe to say my readers enjoy them as well. But today, on this Friday, I want to talk about something new.

I feel like I’m in a rut with my blog. This past July marked eight years I’ve been writing in this space. (Need a good laugh? Check out my first ever blog post here, HA!) And I’ll be honest, I haven’t always loved it. I’ve spent many days discouraged, defeated and bored. I wasn’t challenging myself. I haven’t been challenging myself. That’s where the “rut” comes in. I have become all too comfortable in my daily routine of doing just enough to get by that I’ve lost my focus. I’m not sure if my readers have noticed, but I’d be surprised if y’all haven’t.

I will say though, something snapped inside me recently. Not sure what it was, but I finally realized I’d had enough of coasting on my previous success and just going through the motions of my blog and brand. I think some people don’t realize that Poor Little It Girl is run by just me. I do all the social media, every comment is replied to by me, every email I read and respond. I’m a one-woman show. And I’m proud of that. I don’t want an agent or assistant or a team, at least not till I get my ass into shape about what I need to do to succeed.

So why am I writing this post?

Accountability? Honesty? A revelation I want to share with my readers? Maybe all three. I swear I just started typing and the words are pouring out now. This space isn’t just for me, it isn’t just for you, it’s for everyone. I want to be a real person on here as well as on my Insta-stories and Twitter. Hello, I’m human!

There are some BIG changes happening soon.

We recently bought a house and will be moving into it in a few weeks. For the first time in 8 years of blogging, I’ll have a true home office, with a door. A space just for me filled with everything I need to stay inspired. My “office” has always been my bed, a dining room table, a desk in the living room, a desk in the bedroom, etc. Nowhere just for me. This was one non-negotiable we told our realtor when house hunting. I wanted to be selfish – I needed my own space. And I’m so excited to finally be able to work in there…finally!

In addition to moving into our new house, there are some other changes here I want to start on the blog. First off, I’m going to do another site redesign. It’s been about two years since my last one and I’m ready to make my site a little more all-encompassing. Not lifestyle per say, but more of a space to get to know me. Fashion will always be my focus, but I want to share more home posts as well, especially since we’ll finally own our own. I also want to share more posts on Atlanta, health and wellness, activism opportunities I’m passionate about, maybe even a recipe or two…who knows! I also know that Adam and I want to try and start a family soon. Not sure where that journey will take us, but I want y’all to be part of it.

With all these changes, I’m shifting my vision for Poor Little It Girl, slowly but surely.

Like I said, I’ll always be a fashion girl. That’s how I started in this industry and I’ll never stray from that. But this blog has changed my life these past eight years more ways than you know. Ways I’ll be sharing more in the months to come. So I should be sharing that. I want Poor Little It Girl to be the best representation of myself. Nothing will change overnight, but I hope y’all hold me accountable to this post.  I know I’m going to.