My 5 Favorite Songs About Heartbreak And Love - Poor Little It GirlI have a pretty happy life. Y’all know that, obviously. But for real, why do I love sad songs so much? I can be having the best day ever, and I will still sing my heart out in the car to the saddest song on my playlist. No problem! My whole life, even when I was a 13-year-old awkward loser that had never even kissed a boy, I have always loved a song that was about love, heartbreak and meant to make you all sorts of sad.

Now, believe me, I know heartbreak. When my high-school boyfriend and I broke up when I went away to college in the summer of 2003, my first real break up. I was devastated. And how could we all forget the most epic dump in the history of all bad breakups I experienced in 2010?! What did a turn to during both those difficult times? Music of course. Lyrics that spoke to my sad little heart and helped me know I wasn’t alone.

So again, why do I love songs about the saddest things ever? Who knows. But I do! Heck, that’s how today’s post even started. And as you know, my blog post title has been my favorite song lyrics for years and years. I love lyrics, especially to love songs. Why? Because it’s emotion. It is real. It’s honest. It’s poetry. Are you like me? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are My 5 Favorite Songs About Heartbreak And Love

My 5 Favorite Songs About Heartbreak And Love - Poor Little It Girl

“Gardenia” by Mandy Moore

Actually, this entire “Wild Hope” album is magical. It actually wasn’t on any streaming/online music services for years and finally, last year, it came back. She released this a long time past her teeny-bopper days singing about Candy and, I believe to be, the most underrated album on my list here today.

"Take It All" by Adele - Poor Little It Girl

“Take It All” by Adele

Of course, you know Adele had to make this list. She’s unreal with how she can portray emotion in a song and make you feel it. Even if you aren’t even remotely sad, she brings you there. And while her entire 21 album was life changing, I always felt this song was the one that really punched you in the gut. The girl was hurting!

"All Too Well" by Taylor Swift - Poor Little It Girl

“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

I could have put 100 Taylor Swift songs on this list, let’s be real. But nothing pulls at the heartstrings more than this one. For real, how does she do it? This entire RED album came out shortly after I went through a bad breakup so I’ve probably listened to it 6 million times, at least. No one does it better than Taylor, no one.

"Sober" by Kelly Clarkson - Poor Little It Girl

“Sober” by Kelly Clarkson

True Kelly Clarkson fans will all agree, her “My December” album was her best work…ever. The entire album is about love, heartbreak, and growth. And those true Kelly Clarkson fans will also agree that “Sober” is some of her best songwriting of all time.

"From The Dining Table" by Harry Styles - Poor Little It Girl

“From The Dining Table” by Harry Styles

Long ago are his days in One Direction. With his debut solo album, he kills it! I know a lot of people will think I’m crazy for bringing him on to this list, but this song is so so so good. You can hear his heartache and desperate attempt to get back to where he was with just his voice and a simple guitar. Give this one a chance y’all, you won’t regret it.

Agree with my list? Have any song that you love to listen to about heartbreak and love that I missed? Make sure you leave me a comment below. I always love exploring new tunes. And if you’re interested in checking out my personal Spotify playlist (it’s random and full of loads of happy, sad and weird songs – you’ve been warned!) and listen to everything I love throughout the day too!