Why I Used HitchSwitch To Change My Last Name - Poor Little It Girl

It’s been a little over a year since Adam and I got married. And honestly, it took me a while to start the process to change my last name. As in, I just did it within the past month. Buying our house, the bank/lenders (ya know, the people who actually own your home when you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank) recommended I wait. Simply because I was signing so many documents to own, it could have caused confusion.

Many of my friends are married, and every time you bring up the process of name changing, there is always a collective sigh and annoyance with what they had to do to get through it all. Heck, some people I know have been married for almost a decade and still aren’t totally finished with it. Do men have any idea how good they have it?

HitchSwitch To Change My Last Name - Poor Little It Girl

I had heard about HitchSwitch from a friend. Basically, HitchSwitch is a platform that makes the annoying process of name-changing a little less awful. You fill out some information on their online portal and bam! A magical box of all the documents you need to change your name appears in the mail. It’s a crisp white folder filled with detailed directions on what to do and when do to it. For the organizational freak in me, opening their packet was so exciting!

Let me start this off with, this is NOT a sponsored blog post.

I purchased my own HitchSwitch package (they offer 3 options, but I did the VIP) for myself and LOVED the service. I got, and still get, SO many DM’s asking about it that I figured a blog post would be most beneficial. HitchSwitch got wind of how much I was telling people about them, that they reached out and offered to do a big GIVEAWAY with me! Read more on that below!

When I ordered my packet, I went with the VIP package. HitchSwitch literally does (almost) everything for you, including printing and filling out forms for you. You also get a personal Name Change Concierge that you can email at any time with questions. This proved to be SUPER helpful to me because, in addition to changing my last name, I also had to change my address halfway through. So they were there to guide me through the entire process.

HitchSwitch - Poor Little It Girl

Now, HitchSwitch doesn’t go to the DMV or Social Security Office for you. They don’t take your passport photo either. I mean, you still have to do things, ok ladies! But this packet makes this daunting process a hell of a lot easier. I couldn’t imagine changing my last name without it! It’s foolproof!

Did you know that you can give the gift of HItchSwitch as well?

I can’t think of one bride who wouldn’t LOVE to return home from her honeymoon to have this process already taken care of for her! Seriously, it’s an affordable and meaningful gift to give and get. Sign up now! 

And because I’m such a fan of HitchSwitch, I am excited to be hosting a fun GIVEAWAY where I’ll be giving away THREE of the PLATINUM Packages to 3 lucky ladies! Just enter below…GOOD LUCK!