Now that we’re settled in our new home (for the most part), it kind of snuck up on me that the holiday season is officially here. You may remember I shared my stress about hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner. (Which, by the way, I SO appreciate all the amazing tips y’all gave. I’m implementing a bunch of them to help my stress level…so thank you!) But now, in addition to Turkey Day, we also have Christmas to think about too…yikes!

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers already pushing out gift guide posts and I’m like woah! Gift giving season snuck up on me too. I mean, good for them, I wish I was that organized. But I haven’t even processed Thanksgiving let alone ideas for gifts. My brain can’t handle it, y’all. It just can’t!

So where am I going with all this (I promise, there’s a point) you ask? Well, I’m excited to decorate our house for the holidays, yay! We have space to hang stockings, and have a big tree and tons of other little Christmas items I’ve had my eye on for, well…ever! I’m already using my Christmas mug (and the life-changing mug warmer for my desk) and its certainly getting me in the holiday spirit.

One store that never fails to warm even my cold little heart has to be Anthropologie? Who agrees with me? They kill the holiday decor in their stores. It’s like walking into a perfect holiday storybook setting. And not to mention, their selection of seasonal pieces are oh so perfect. That’s why today, for this weeks Weekly Weakness, I’m sharing my favorite Anthropologie holiday decor and gifts under $100 I recently spotted online. If you an Anthro-fanatic like me, then this post is for you!